IQ – IQ40

  • bodysuits for women with seamless sleeves and covered foot
  • thinnest of our bodysuits, dedicated mainly to precise treatments with smaller heads
  • comfortable non-pressing neckline welt
  • great care for details
  • hygienic cotton gusset
  • gratuitous laundrysack
Sizes: M, L, XL
Fabric content: 83% nylon, 15% elastane, 2% cotton
More Info:

Bodysuit is a hosiery product made of material designed to resist the rolling motion of the machine. The bodysuit insures hygiene, while also allowing the machine to glide more easily over body. The suit also serves to prevent dead skin cells from passing into the machine. It is used for the cellulite therapy, surgical or orthopedic treatment and different kinds of vacuum massages. We can print logo on your products.